Don’t call it a comeback…

So, my “athletic supporter” & most loyal sponsor, otherwise known as my “better half” or Steve, set up this blog for me a few years back. Despite the ease of use, not to mention the never-ending barrage of skate stoke I am lucky enough to be bombarded with (thanks to awesome friends near & far), I have been unable, or at least unwilling, to publish even the simplest of blog posts…until now!!!!

I have a tendency to let my “Debbie Downer” moments get the best of me. I know damn well that the best thing I could during those low times would be to get out & get high on skateboarding! Instead, I would hide away, make excuses & wallow in my own self-pity. I decided 2014 should be the year this old dog learns some new tricks (literally & figuratively).

I have actually skated 27 of 31 days in January & so far, I’m 3 for 3 in February. I figure this is as good a reason as any to celebrate by getting this blog rolling (again) & spreading some skate stoke to my friends on the interwebs.



  1. Yes!! Rad pic! Keep it up, you inspire me!

  2. oh hi just here to heckle! rabble rabble rabble. Just kidding, you’re the coolest Jean!

  3. Hell yeah Jean, keep the stoke alive!!


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