LasChicAZ have more fun than you…

So, I had another epic, yet somewhat unexpected, session on Sunday. The morning started a bit chaotic, plans up in the air; but all of the pieces eventually fell into place quite nicely.

Steve and I exchanged our two not-so-mini girls for three “more mature” ripping chicas & headed for the skatepark in Wickenburg. After an awesome session, including plenty of heckling and guidance from “Skatedad Steve”, we visited our buddy Josh at the art fair & then it was off to a local watering hole for some tasty grub and cold brew.

Jealous yet? I don’t blame you, if you are. I know I would be if I had missed out on all the fun…
20140220-090959.jpgRoad trips are always a blast with this crew.

20140220-091824.jpgThe bowl needed a little clean-up. Thanks for the McGyver (or should I say McGruber?) brooms Steve!

20140220-092152.jpgLas ChicAZ photo shoots are serious business.

20140220-092554.jpgLaura’s folks even came by to watch their “little girl” shred. So cool!

20140220-092802.jpgSunday FUNDAY!!!

20140220-093227.jpgNat & Steve, having a little too much fun with the locals.

20140220-093356.jpgOf course the Diva had to get in on that action too.
*Note: No statues were harmed in the making of this blog post.

20140220-093628.jpgWhat are you freaking looking at? Las ChicAZ might like to have fun, but “badass” is our specialty.

20140220-093937.jpgOne parting shot of our “softer side” (the bloody knee is a nice touch, huh?).

Check back for more skate shots from this epic session in my next blog post. Yeah, this is my version of a “cliffhanger”…


  1. Awesome trip! 🙂 Can’t wait for our next one! <3 Thanks for documenting the whole thang!

  2. Ummm, remind me that if I’m going to wear my hat, I should wear it all day long. Ha!

  3. Best blog yet. Seriously laughing my butt off at the picture captions.

  4. Oh Steve, your hair looked fine.


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