Steve Schneer R.I.P.

Since the day I fell in love with skateboarding I have felt the skate community was much like a large, extended family. Today our family learned of the passing of one of our Godfathers, a true innovator of our art form.
I wasn’t lucky enough to know Steve Schneer as well as many of my skate brothers & sisters, but I was privileged enough to have shared one of my most memorable skate weekends with him.
I honestly hope he can see, or at the very least feel, the outpouring of love & respect that has been shared by our skate family today, as the news of his passing has spread.
If it is true that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, than I have a few thousand words to share with my skate family.




This one is for you, brother.
Never Forget…


  1. Nice tribute Jean! We all mourn the loss of our bros & sis’s of skate when it happens. The camaraderie of the skate families are amazing when you leave yourself open to receive the love! May he RIP he was a fun guy.

  2. As I’m not on facebook, I can’t find anything on the intergoogle of how Steve died. Kinda knew him from Big “O”.


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